Children are taught the basic truths from God’s Word, using both formal and informal methods. The content of the schools teachings is summarized by the following affirmation of faith:

We believe in the one God, Creator and sustainer of all things, father of all nations, the source of all goodness and beauty, truth and love.


Achievable Goals 

Too little challenge brings complacency. Too much challenge brings frustration. We aim for just the right amount.

Since Abeka is so carefully developed with proven methods and then tested, Average students can succeed. Students who need a little more help can succeed with extra guidance from you. Your above-average students can excel and go on to attain more without feeling that school is boring or too easy.

You’ll find age-appropriate content presented in manageable amounts.

How many lessons come in a lesson plan?

You get 170 so you have 10 for extra review, projects, and field trips.

Color & Variety

Your students will encounter characters like Alexander Alligator and Tim the Traveler.

They’ll explore subjects in full color and discover information with the help of professional illustrations; vibrant pictures, professionally crafted charts, maps, and timelines.

They’ll see names and dates, but they’ll also see the big picture—the story of history, the beauty of language, the wonder of God’s creation… and that’s just the beginning.

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Spanish in our Curriculum
We are now offering classes in Spanish.




We are made up of six teachers and three teacher assistants; each staff member brings a plethora of knowledge and longevity into the classroom and are steadfast in their faith. Building a solid educational, spiritual and social foundation in a loving and nurturing environment is a testament of our success in and out of the classroom.


School Director:                     Janelle Peevler

Assistant Director:                Hadley Mallahan

Administrative Assistant:    Nicole Farnese

Pre-k3 Teacher:                     Mareen Armstrong

Pre-k4 Teacher:                     Tiffany House

Pre-k4 Teacher:                     Kathryn Harley

Kindergarten Teacher:         Yajayra Sattley

First Grade Teacher:             Jeniya Brawley

Spanish Teacher:                 Maricela Hernandez

Teacher Assistant:               Melanie Gutierrez

Teacher Assistant:               Raquel De Oliveira

Teacher Assistant:               Amy Aguillon

Teacher Assistant:               Amber Barnum

School Resource Officer:    Officer Hernandez



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